Dan Zindler

Realtor Associate

Dan Zindler works hard to continue the legacy his family began in the late 1800s here in Houston. His Grand-Father, Abe Zindler, was the founder of Zindler’s Clothing Store, later renamed Zindler’s Big and Tall, and also served as the Mayor of Bellaire, Texas for 10 years. The Zindlers moved to Bellaire in the middle of the Great Depression. Being believers of the growth of the city, they moved from their family property in the 1960s to make room for the 610 Loop but stayed in the Bellaire - Meyerland area. With the accomplishments of the construction of the first Bellaire city hall, a fire department and equipment acquisition, installation of a modern water, sewage and waste disposal plant and purchase of the land on which the civic center now stands, the foundation of the great legacy was created. One of Abe’s 5 sons strengthened the family legacy by becoming Houston’s most beloved protector and defender, Marvin Zindler. The entire family for many generations has shown their deep desire and unique talent to help others. Dan has inherited that trait.

Dan is the youngest of 5 children and has always had a mind for solving problems. He began surfing when he was just 14 which found him solving his first big problem. There weren't any beach friendly sandals for surfers! Everything available at the time would fall apart in the saltwater, so Zindler and his friends created water proof Tiddies Sandals. Problem solved and an international company born. Riding high on that success he went on to own a chain of surf shops in Houston. He then found his true calling in real estate.

There isn’t anything Dan loves more than helping people accomplish their dreams. Like his father, Marvin, when someone needs to be educated or has a problem; Dan is like a bulldog to accomplish goals as quickly as possible. He is patient while taking people through the home buying process and arguably more detailed than another real estate agent in Houston. He doesn’t just sell homes, he makes sure the plumbing and electrical are safe, the roof is solid, the foundation is intact and teaches you how to look for those things as well.

When he isn’t working hard to help people find their dream home, Dan enjoys flying, surfing, playing with his dogs and chasing the sun with his longtime girlfriend, Lori Freese. Make sure you have the most solid name in Houston on your home-buying and selling team! Call Dan Zindler today! 713-305-4145

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